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26 Radius Platen

26 Radius Platen

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Work on the curve of a 52-inch contact wheel without having an actual giant 52-inch wheel. 

This 26 radius platen will level-up your hollow grind and s-grind a LOT. There's no way you can rig up a wheel this big in your shop but the curved platen will get you there.

Made from Hardox®400. a versatile wear-resistant and abrasion-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 400 HBW.

Most curved platens are solid steel or aluminum -- this radius platen is hollow in order to dissipate the buildup of heat as you work. In conjunction with our Misting System. you have a powerful combination to add unique facets to your work.


  • curved steel platen
  • hardware to attach to your grinder

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