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HouseMade - By Brian House

2x72 Misting Kit

2x72 Misting Kit

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2x72 Misting System

This is a fantastic add-on to any 2x72 belt grinder. It will magnetize to any steel surface.

Misting system (assembled and ready to use)

  • 1 Sprayer
  • 1 clear hose for water injection
  • One-way valve and filter for water
  • All fittings to attach to 1/4 quick connect for air (sealed and checked for leaks)
  • 1 rare earth magnet
  • 3ft of 8mm hose for air
  • Assembled and ready for use (just add water & air)


    Misting system bundled with 3 CompactGrain sharpening belts includes all of the above. plus:

    • (1) 180 Grit VSM Aluminum Oxide Belt
    • (1) 600 Grit VSM Compact Grain Belt
    • (1) 1200 Grit VSM Compact Grain Belt


    (does not include weight for clear hose)
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