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2x72 Surface Grinder Attachment

2x72 Surface Grinder Attachment

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If you need to finish your steel surfaces accurately with a beast of a surface grinder attachment. this is it.

The 1.5 tooling arm will fit it up to most grinders with standard receiver tubes — you'll have a tool that'll save you time and help you efficiently perfect your work.

Why is this one so great? 

  • It's made to fit the Revolution and comes with a Revolution-ready tooling arm and contact wheel

  • Our surface grinder has switchable magnets. built on 5/8 aluminum plate (beefy) to hold your work piece in place instead of a big magnet. So instead of having to slide your work piece off of a magnet [which can result in scratching your work]. flip the 3 locks to release the magnets and your piece is released. 

  • Five roller linear rail (for rigidity)

  • Simple (no tools required) tapering feature.

  • 8 contact wheel that can be used as just a contact wheel by removing sliding table.

  • 19 of travel

Everything you need to fit this up to your grinder comes standard. including the contact wheel & tooling arm (1.5 square tube) 
*Some assembly required

The Non-Ferrous Vise add-on:


Finish your non-ferrous (wood. brass. plastic) surfaces accurately with our HouseMade surface grinder vise attachment.

  • Universal fit up of any surface grinder (magnetic)
  • Holds 1/8 thick material and up
  • Holds Up to 7.5 in length
  • Fully adjustable
  • All steel construction


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