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Contact Wheel Tooling Arm Kit

Contact Wheel Tooling Arm Kit

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Tooling Arm Length
Fabrication options

Contact Wheel Tooling arm kit for the Revolution 2x72 Belt Grinder.

Pre-fabricated option: 
We took the DIY out of it – the pre-fabricated  Contact Wheel Tooling Arm ships fully welded up  and ready to go. Slide it right into your Revolution 2x72 belt grinder  (or any other grinder that will accept a 1.5 tooling arm) and get grinding straightaway.

  • 13 Tooling Arm – fabricated. drilled. and tapped
  • Axle Bolt
  • Carbon Steel Spacers (2)

DIY kit option:
This is a true DIY kit: you must weld. drill & tap this for it to be functional. 

  • 13 Tooling Arm
  • 1 Spacer
  • Axle Bolt
  • Carbon Steel Spacers (2)

*grinder & wheel shown for illustration purposes only. not included

Here's a video where I walk you through the fabrication & assembly

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