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HouseMade - by Brian House

Leather Platen

Leather Platen

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The HouseMade Luxe Platen

Assembled with a wear-plate and a bottom support rail - hardware included. Fit it up and go. 

Introducing our new Luxe Platen for your Revolution 2x72 belt grinder. designed to provide a cushioned. soft grinding surface for finishing your blades.

Here are some benefits of grinding on a leather platen:

  1. Smoother Finishes: The soft leather surface of the platen provides a cushioned and forgiving contact point. resulting in smoother finishes on your projects.
  2. No Bumps: The platen effectively eliminates the bump caused by butt splices on your belts. especially on fine-grit belts. This feature enables you to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish on your knife projects.
  3. Versatile Edge Work: The leather platen is stiff enough at the edges to handle plunge cut finish work. It allows the belt to roll over the edge smoothly. providing versatility and precision in your knifemaking process.

Includes mounting hardware 


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