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Perfect Blade Sharpening Attachment

Perfect Blade Sharpening Attachment

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Precision Sharpening with the Perfect Blade

This Denis Tyrell + HouseMade collab is our latest launch of a sharpening attachment. and simple to use & master. Just grab a blade clamp and set your angle with a digital angle finder. and you're ready to start sharpening.

Work wherever you're comfortable on your grinder. You can set this up to sharpen your blade across the top of your 2x72 belt. on the front with a platen. or with a contact wheel. Sharpen in forward or reverse. depending on whether you like to have the bevel or the spine closest to you.

It includes a Revolution-ready tooling arm. machined and all set to assemble and use straightaway. The Perfect Blade can also be used with many other grinder brands that accept a standard 1.5 tooling arm.

Why is this one great? 

  • Simplicity — Easy to set up and almost no learning curve to use

  • Speed — You will find you can put precise. razor-sharp edges on your knives in minutes

  • Versatility — You can sharpen anything from an EDC to a Katana to a lawnmower blade (especially long blades may require a longer guide bar)

  • All-steel construction — the adjustable arms and bars are all solid steel. as well as the handles and hardware

Watch Brian and Brent show how fast you can sharpen a variety of blade types


*assembly required: instructions are included in the box. and as a digital download after checkout

Perfect Blade Resources

Suggested Blade Clamp 
2x72 Leather Strop
Digital Angle Finder


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