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Revolution ID Plate

Revolution ID Plate

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The finishing touch on your Revolution grinder is here. 

You've all commented. chatted. DM'd. and emailed us asking for the Revolution ID plate and we are delivering!

Our sequentially-serial-numbered ID plates are 18-gauge cold-rolled A36 mild steel plate. Each one is cut. cleaned. painted black. then etched to remove the paint. Once etched. each ID plate is finished with two coats of matte clear to protect from scratches and rust.

Will it fit my Gen 4 Revolution?

Yes! The profile of the Gen 4 motor plate is slightly different so there will be a little overhang. but it'll fit. The last photo shows this ID plate mounted on our in-house Gen 4.

Sourced in the USA and laser-cut in Florida.

How to mount to your grinder with 2-part epoxy:

  1. Score the back side of the ID plate and the face of your motor plate with some 60 grit sandpaper.
  2. Clean both surfaces with acetone - take care to AVOID the painted edges and front of the ID plate. as it could eat the paint away.
  3. Tilt your grinder horizontally to affix the ID plate.
  4. Use a weight to keep it in place while the epoxy cures.
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