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True-Tilt Receiver Parts

True-Tilt Receiver Parts

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The True-Tilt receiver parts & hardware includes:

  • Work rest hinge
  • Work rest receiver tube
  • Knob
  • Hardware

**There is no tooling arm in this kit***

This add-on for the True-Tilt Bevel Grind Table will allow you to fit it all up to a Gen 3 Revolution and some non-HouseMade grinder brands*. with modifications. 

Once you're all fabbed up. you'll be grinding symmetrical bevels and hollow grinds in no time...without a jig.

About the True-Tilt:

This collab between myself and Brent Smith. owner of Bald Man Knife & Tool. is going to change everything about how you finish your blades. Using the True-Tilt. you'll be able to set your grind angles but still freehand and feel the work under your fingers.

Whether you're still learning this art or ramping up your side-hustle. this is going to shave a TON of time off your production process. Grinds that typically take 30-45 minutes per blade can now be done in a fraction of that time.

*** If you have a generation 4 Revolution. your current tooling arm will fit this with minor modifications.


Will this work on a Gen 3 Revolution? YES!

The tooling arm and receiver parts add-on will fit this right up to your Gen 3 platen.

*Fabrication required. this is a DIY attachment.

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